“Pleasant and close lawyer. Responds quite quickly to emails and calls” (A. M.)

“Professional and fighter. She achieved the tenants, who didn’t pay me, voluntarily hand over the keys, avoiding me years of waiting for an eviction” (R.G.).

“Last year she helped my brothers and I sell an inherited house. She took care both the legal and commercial steps, making the process easy and simple” (C.S.).

“She managed to solve a serious problem I had with my community of neighbors. Since I didn’t have much availability to drive to Palma, she offered to move herself, which is very appreciable” (T.F.).

“She has been my lawyer for years. She has handled several complicated family law matters. Her empathy and sensitivity for these issues makes everything easier” (C.F.).

“Very good defense of the case in the trial. The opponent had to compensate me with 8,000 euros” (M.R.).

“Although we didn’t make it easy at all, she managed to get my ex and I to sign a regulatory family convention of mutual agreement. She is very sincere and explains things clearly and directly” (V.R.).